Dimensions - A Company Built on Principal

With roots that go back to 1905, we strive to build a legacy each and every day. Not only are we passionate about building the future of the commercial insurance industry, we’re passionate about developing leaders and opportunities. Our company operates on four core business principles: hard work, passion, integrity and forward thinking. These principles drive our company culture, our service-centric approach to business, clients and industry partners that have trusted us with the financial security of their organizations.

As a trusted partner in our Canadian commercial insurance industry, we create long-term alignment with industry partners, insurance companies and strategic partners to provide accretive results under one roof. As an integrated platform, Dimensions is uniquely positioned to offer top-quality commercial insurance solutions and opportunities to a broad network of clients and industries across western Canada. Dimensions is a privately held and operated Insurance firm, and therefore, as an independent and intermediary, we are able to give unbiased and objective advice.

Stefano Amato

President & CEO


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