We chose to name our firm, Dimensions Insurance Management Inc. as a reflection of our vision of how will add value to the 4 key dimensions of our client’s insurance situation.

Assessing Needs: Our deep client relationships will provide us with in-depth knowledge of their situations. This coupled with our expertise in gathering pertinent information will enable us to accurately assess the insurance needs of their businesses. This step of the process is where we add unique value; smaller independent competitors don’t have the same expertise that we do and larger brokers lack the relationships that we have.

Structuring Insurance: With our technical skills and vast experience, we are in a position to build the right policy for our clients needs. Based on strong relationships with our insurance company partners, we can ensure that all of our clients have the correct policy for their needs

Placement: Knowing our clients well allows us to tell their story to our insurance company partners. This, together with packaging the correct financial information will ensure that we can place policies for clients that other brokers would struggle with.

Opportunity for Growth: As skilled and experience insurance advisors, we become partners with our clients. We help them protect their businesses while at the same time advise them on how to position them for growth. This partnership enables us to grow based on the continued success of our clients.

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